new work

This most recent body of work was begun during my 2018-2019 residency at Lawndale Art Center. All of the collaged works on paper and the stop motion animation were made from cutting and repurposing my old silkscreen prints.

Ouroboros (For Kekulé) (2019) is an interactive installation work featuring a stationary bike that syncs with an animated projection. Visitors are invited to ride the bike, and with their pedaling, perform the futile exercise of trying to control the speed of infinity.

A Flood of Feelings (2019) is an edition of 60 hand-pulled silkscreen and relief prints on found reproductions of Jan Breughel the Elder’s 17th century painting of animals entering Noah’s ark. The silkscreened text comes from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock, which considers climate change in its calculation. The pink “reaction words” were chosen by exhibition visitors in a participatory printing process. Half of the sale price of these prints was/will be donated to Houston-based Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services.

These works were featured in citysinging, the residents’ culminating exhibition curated by Laura August, which opened in June 2019. Laura wrote an excellent essay for our catalog, available at Lawndale.

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